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Frequently asked questions


How to register at the website?
In the upper right corner there is the REGISTER button. Enter your user name and password, email address and wait for the confirmation email. After that, you only need to choose the status and fill the profile in your personal account.
Can we trust you?
Pay attention to the Contacts section, there are actual addresses of BIDCAR offices. You can contact our representatives by phone and clarify any relevant information.
What are the differences between the legal entities and individuals?
Legal entities registered on the territory of the European Union that have a valid VAT number buy cars without VAT. An exception is the situation where the second party to the transaction is the sales department of the user in the country.
Why is registration mandatory?
Registration is the only way to formalize the rights and obligations of the parties.
How much does the registration cost?
Registration is free.
Does a legal entity need documents to register at the website?
It doesn’t, except for true information about itself.
Why is a deposit necessary?
The deposit acts as an up-front sum. If you refuse to buy, our company shall keep it.
Do I need to provide copies of passport data?
In most cases, no. We reserve this right for the case there is any doubt about the reliability of the information specified in the personal account.
How to log in?
To connect to the online auction system, it is enough to enter your email address and password.
Why cannot I log in?
You may have entered an incorrect password. Click the Remind password button, wait for the letter to your email and do the recovery according to instructions.

Participating in auctions

Which auctions can I participate in?
Buy Now – the opportunity to buy a car immediately at a fixed price.
Classic auction – the bids are seen by all participants, the minimum step for raising the price is 100 euros.
Closed auction – the participant offers a price, but the competitors do not see it. The right to purchase a goes to the participant who offers the maximum price.
If necessary, you can participate in a mixed type auction, then you can choose the most comfortable way of buying.
The Hot Bid mark means that any bet on any of the lots extends the time of the auction.
The Final Call mark indicates that the cars are played in turn, starting with the first lot. Each bid extends the time to draw a lot.
I filled in the registration form, but I cannot participate in the auction.
Perhaps you have not made a deposit or indicated a status (Auto Dealer or Own Car).
What are the differences between statuses?
For car dealers, the deposit amount is 4,000 euros with a commission of 100 euros + 1 % of the car price. If the account status is defined as Own Car, the deposit amount is 1–3 thousand euros, the stake rate is up to 10–30 thousand + 200 euros commission fee + commission of 2 % of the car price.
How to find the car of interest on the site?
Set the actual search criteria in the filter and save. For your convenience, we provide the ability to activate automatic notifications by e-mail. As soon as the car corresponding to your criteria appears on the website, we will send a letter with a notification.
How does the Automatic Rate Increase option work?
You can immediately know the amount to which the auction system will automatically outbid another participant on behalf of your account. If your final bet is outbid, you can set a new maximum bet size for a particular car.
How do I change my personal information and customize email notifications?
Click the Personal Cabinet link in the left side menu. Then edit your profile, email notifications, account status.
How to find out the location of the car?
SELECTED AUTO – the cars marked by you.
MY BETS – all the cars you have ever bid for at an auction.
ACCEPTANCE EXPECTED – car models waiting for the vendor to confirm the transaction at the price offered at the auction. The supplier is given three working days for confirmation. If the transaction is confirmed, the status changes to ORDERING, IF it is rejected – then LOST.
ORDERING – at the moment when the car’s status is changed to Orders, the system automatically generates an invoice for payment. You can view it in the Accounts section.
ACCOUNTS – a list of vehicles that must be paid within five working days from the moment of placing the order. As soon as we receive payment, your car’s status will change to paid, PREPARING FOR DELIVERY.
PREPARING FOR DELIVERY – the car is in the process of delivery from the country of location or is being prepared for delivery to the buyer.
AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP – the car is ready to be transferred to the buyer, it is necessary to collect it within 14 days from the moment of receiving the status.
DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS – the car was transferred to the customer, but it is necessary to provide a document confirming the export or delivery.
LOST – the list of cars for which the maximum possible price was offered, but the supplier refused to sell.
Is it possible to bid below a fixed price?
If you are talking about a fixed price auction, then you have the opportunity to bid below the established price. The decision on such a rate shall be taken by the supplier.
For what reason is the auction time extended?
Some auctions are marked as Hot Bid. After the end of the main trading time, the system adds extra time depending on the intensity of bets on the lot. The time can end at any moment, after which bets will no longer be accepted.
Does winning in the auction guarantee getting a car?
It all depends on the provider’s decision. If he accepted your bet, you get the car. If the rate does not suit the supplier, it shall be cancelled automatically.
I won in the auction, and the vendor approved the bid. My further actions?
The car you won will appear in the Orders section. In the Accounts section, you can see the invoice for payment. You shall pay an invoice within 5 days and expect the status to change to AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP.
What happens when the auction ends?
After the end of the auction, all participants receive information about the final result. The participant winning in the auction shall see the car he won in the My bets section with the status of ACCEPTANCE EXPECTED.
Can I see the rates of other participants?
Only participating in an open auction.
Can I cancel a bet?
The rules do not allow cancellation.


How to pay for the car?
Money can be transferred to our account by bank transfer no later than 5 days after placing the purchase order. The invoice for payment will automatically be generated in the Account section along with the bank details filled in earlier.
When can I pick up the paid car?
After delivery and registration of the necessary documents, the car will go to AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP status. The period of receipt varies from 7 to 28 days average from the date of payment. Everything depends on the speed of the preparation of documents from the supplier and the country where the car is located.
When can I get a technical passport of the car?
If you did not receive a technical passport when transferring a car to you, it will be sent by mail after you provide us the documents confirming delivery (this can be CoD or CMR).
What should I do if I found defects that the supplier has ignored?
Submit a claim under the service rules. Our experts will check the validity of comments and make an objective decision.
Can I cancel the purchase?
The user does not have the option to cancel the bid after the auction ends. At the time of the bet, you assume certain legal obligations. If you refuse to pay for the car you won, then the company reserves a paid deposit on the grounds of the offer contract. The account shall be blocked, and the user refused the right to participate in the auctions. Restoration of rights is possible by the decision of the administration and only after payment of a fine for the breach of contract.
Do I have to pay VAT?
All legal entities registered in the territory of the European Union and having a valid VAT number do not have to pay VAT. Individuals who are the EU citizens shall pay VAT on a mandatory basis. Individuals registered outside the European Union do not pay VAT.
Are the prices on the site displayed including VAT?
The displayed financial information for each car is indicated in the format that is defined by the profile settings.
What is the amount of VAT payable?
Taxation is carried out according to the legislation of the country of the car supplier. If the car is exported outside the European Union, then it is not subject to VAT.
What is Margin?
This is a special scheme for buying a car, in which VAT is not added to the cost.

Delivery and registration

Where the car bought shall be delivered?
You specify the delivery addresses yourself in your account at the time of filling in the relevant profile section.
How much does the delivery of the car cost?
The price of transportation depends on the distance of the destination and the overall dimensions of the car.
What is the maximum delivery time?
Depending on the physical location of the supplier, the transportation period varies from 7 to 28 days from the receipt of payment.
Is it possible to arrange delivery to my city?
For now, delivery is only possible to the logistic centers of our company. Clarify the necessary information in the technical support.
Is it possible to pick up a car from the supplier in person?
No, our company takes the car from the supplier and hands it over to the buyer personally. We are responsible for the car purchased at the auction until receipt.
Has the car been cleared through customs?
No. The buyer shall pay the customs duty.
Can I order transit numbers or check-in through your website?
The list of additional services includes the formulation of the export declaration, certificate of insurance, transit registration numbers, as well as technical inspection.
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