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Bidcar.eu is a quick and easy way to sell a car at a bargain price. Our European online auction platform sells cars of various brands to auto traders, individuals and legal entities from all over Europe and outside the EU. What does this mean in practice? The car exhibited at the auction sees an audience of 50 million serious buyers who are ready to offer a good price for it. Add to this an upscale customer support service, and what do you get as a result? Fast and effective sales at the best prices.

 Your advantages:

  • The best price in the market. The Internet allows us to sell cars to 50 million potential buyers from 50 countries. What happens when your car is auctioned? Participants outbid each other, thereby raising the price. This is exactly what you need.
  • Fast, easy and convenient. Yes, that's how it works: you do nothing. Your car is seen by 50 million potential buyers! When the car is sold, we take care of all the administrative work and paperwork, and also make sure that you are guaranteed to receive money.
  • Guaranteed quick payment. You will receive money within seven working days.
  • One contact person. We did not joke: we have a really high-end customer support service. This means that no matter who buys your car, one representative of the company works with you providing support during the whole sale process, answers your questions and renders any other help. And all this in your native language!
  • Professional examination and price determination. Our auction experts are ready to share their accumulated experience and knowledge. Experts know exactly what prices should be set in order to get the best results. We are ready to provide the examination by independent appraisers (Macadam, SGS, DEKRA).
  • Transportation service. When your car is sold, we take care of all the efforts for its removal and transportation with the help of a specialized company. Relax and just watch them work.
  • Honesty and reliability. We are guided by the principles of transparency, honesty and reliability in our work. These are the cornerstones of Bidcar. You have no obligation to sell. And if the proposal does not meet your expectations, you also do not incur any expenses.

Ready to sell?

Do you want to know more about us? Contact our team for information about the terms of sale, term, assortment and other important nuances of cooperation!

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