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Optimal bid

If you are planning to buy a car on our auction on favorable terms, you need to make the final bid by about 10% less than the average market price for the model of the selected year in the specified configuration.

For example, the average market price for the model you choose is 15,000 euros. Good chances to win the lot will appear if you voice an offer of 13,500 euros. Our representatives will convey your offer to the car supplier who will evaluate the available offers and make a decision.

Do not be tempted to set a price too low: you can hardly expect success in this case. Most suppliers are only willing to sell the car if the proposed price is slightly different from the market in the smaller side. To close a deal for 30–50 % cheaper than the real cost just will not succeed. Determining the average market price is easy enough, any country of registration of cars has a large number of specialized portals containing complete information on prices and demand.

What does the average market price depend on?

  • In addition to the technical condition, mileage is one of the key factors in the cost of a car. The smaller it is, the more expensive the car you choose will be. The most expensive models are traditionally the cars with mileage of 50–70 thousand km, the most popular on the market are with 100–150 thousand km.
  • The second important nuance is the country of origin. As our work shows, the maximum demand in the market is observed for cars from Belgium and the Netherlands. This is an optimal combination of quality, reliability and reasonable price.

Models from France and Italy are in demand among the buyers. If you are interested in an even lower price category, pay attention to Spanish cars. It should be considered that their quality and reliability are noticeably inferior to the German or Belgian cars.

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