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Auction types

Closed auction

Participants make their bids but don’t see bids of other participants. Until the end of the action one can rise a bid, but it can’t be reduced or deleted. When the auction is finished, all bids are sent to the seller for review, and if he agrees with the offered maximum bid, then he sells a car to the participant with the highest bid for this car.

Open auction

A “classic” auction type: participants make their bids that are opened for other participants. If someone beats up the price of the car that you want to buy, you can raise your bid (minimum step is from 50 to 100 Euros depending on the ground). Pay your attention: it’s impossible to revoke a bid made.
When the auction is finished, the winning bid is sent to the seller for review. The participant with the highest bid buys this car with a permission of the seller.


Some open auctions turn into “Hot-bid” mode after their end. 1-2 minutes are given for each car (depending on the ground) to place a bid. Each bid extends the auction time for this car for 1-2 more minutes. If there are no other bids during this time, then the car is withdrawn from sale.
After the end of hot-bid auction, the participant with the highest bid gets a chance to buy this car (only if the seller considers the price to be reasonable and not too low).

Fixed price

Cars are sold at fixed price set be the seller. The bid is sent to the car seller right after the participant clicks “Buy now” button.

Bargain allowed (Closed auctions with a chance to “Buy at fixed price”)

This auction type is similar to “Fixed price” auction, the only difference is that one can try to offer another price (lower than the seller’s price). However, the car is not sold right away in this case (as by clicking “Buy now” button): after the end of the auction the offer is sent to the seller, then the seller decided if he agrees with your price of refuses it.

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