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Auction 8700, lot 561366

Audi A4 avant sport 3.0 TDI 160KW AT7 E6

Audi A4 avant sport 3.0 TDI 160KW AT7 E6
Arval Motortrade
DE Bestandsliste KW13
Bidding step: 10.00€
Make: Audi
Model: A4 avant sport
Modification: 3.0 TDI 160KW AT7 E6
Date of registration: 01/10/2016
Mileage: 178 758 km
Fuel type: Diesel
Engine size: 3.0
Transmission: Automated
Body: Wagon car
Country of origin: Germany
Color: Black
Engine Power (kW): 160 KW
Категория: Легковой
Xenon headlamps
Other Equipment
Equipment Sport Pack
Navigation system
Front sport seats
Heated seats
Electric boot/hatchback
Active-lane assistant
Bluetooth connection
Internet connection
Keyless Go
Stop & Start
Cruise control
Parking sensor front/rear
Reverse camera
ISOFIX anchor points
Tyre pressure monitor
Equipment Pack
Electronic Stability Control
Gearbox type
Engine Capacity: 2,967 cm3
Damage: 2142
Oct-19162,300 kmLonglife Service klein
Oct-19162,300 kmÖl
Oct-19162,300 kmÖlfilter
Oct-19162,300 kmBremsflüssigkeit
Mar-19130,784 kmLonglife Service klein
Mar-19130,784 kmFehlersuche
Mar-19130,784 kmÖl
Mar-19130,784 kmÖlfilter
Mar-19130,784 kmGetriebeöl
Mar-19130,784 kmKraftstofffilter
Mar-19130,784 kmLuftfilter
Mar-19130,784 kmVerschiedenes Kraftstoffanlage
Feb-19123,520 kmFehlersuche
Feb-19123,520 kmMotorabdeckung
Feb-19123,520 kmLambdasonde
Feb-19123,520 kmBatterie
Jan-19123,033 kmFehlersuche
Jan-19123,033 kmVerschiedenes Bremsen
Jan-19123,033 kmHarnstoff (Adblue)
Jan-19123,033 kmSicherungskasten
Jan-19123,033 kmBatterie
Jan-19120,000 kmFehlersuche
Jan-19120,000 kmBatterie
Jan-19120,000 kmBatterie
Nov-18113,392 kmÖlservice
Nov-18113,392 kmÖl
Nov-18113,392 kmÖlfilter
Nov-18113,392 kmVerschiedenes Bremsen
Nov-18110,598 kmUVV Prüfung
Jun-1897,257 kmLonglife Service klein
Jun-1897,257 kmÖl
Jun-1897,257 kmÖlfilter
Jun-1897,257 kmKühlflüssigkeit
Jun-1897,257 kmHarnstoff (Adblue)
Nov-1764,200 kmÖlservice
Nov-1764,200 kmgroße Wartung
Nov-1764,200 kmÖlfilter
Nov-1764,200 kmGetriebeöl
Nov-1764,200 kmKühlmittelschlauch
Nov-1764,200 kmKraftstofffilter
Nov-1764,200 kmLuftfilter
Nov-1764,200 kmAktivkohlefilter
Nov-1764,200 kmVerschiedenes Kraftstoffanlage
Nov-1764,200 kmEinspritzdüse
Jul-1747,395 kmÖlservice
Jul-1747,395 kmÖlfilter
Jul-1747,395 kmFrostschutz
Jul-1747,395 kmHarnstoff (Adblue)
Apr-1731,762 kmUVV Prüfung
Apr-1731,762 kmÖlservice
Apr-1731,762 kmgroße Wartung
Apr-1731,762 kmÖlfilter
Apr-1731,762 kmFrostschutz
Apr-1731,762 kmKühlflüssigkeit
Oct-161,000 km4 Kompletträder
178,758 kmMileage collected
Oct-16First Drive
Oct-19Last Mantenance 162,300 km
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