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How to buy cars at auction


If you want to become the owner of a high-quality and safe car of European assembly and not to worry about its serviceability or history, we recommend paying attention to the numerous car auctions that provide ample opportunities. To understand how to buy a car from the auction by yourself, you do not need a lot of time, because most trading platforms are characterized by a transparent pricing mechanism, simplified registration rules and a detailed description in the question-answer format. But if you do not want to spend time on studying the relevant section on the website, we will try to give brief information on the mechanism of pricing, trading principles and some rules relating to the purchase of the car.

How to order a car from the auction: let's start with registration

The first and most important step is to register on the platform and to fill in the information in your account. It usually takes only a few minutes, because only personal data are filled in, allowing to identify the user and send him the purchased car to the specified address. Fill in all contact details carefully because in the event of winning the auction feedback may be required. In all other respects the principle is not more difficult than the registration on the website of any online store. Choose a convenient payment method, make a security deposit in case of refusal to purchase and proceed to the analysis of offers.


Types and characteristics of auctions

To understand how to buy a car at auction at the best price, you should distinguish the mechanisms of the auction. Each platform can provide individual sales options, but most auctions can be conveniently divided into three types:

  • With fixed price. A seller independently sets the price at which he/she wants to sell a car. As a rule, the winner is the one who will make the first bid in the required amount.
  • The most transparent pricing scheme. You can see both the original price and competitors' offers. The winner is the one who offers the maximum amount at the close of the auction.
  • You can see only the original bid, but you can't track your competitors' offers. It is important to find a sensible middle between the market value of the chosen car and the benefit of the offer for the seller.

Before buying a car through the auction, it is important to understand: winning does not guarantee that the seller will choose you. There are cases when, for various reasons, preference is not given to the one who made the maximum bid. All information regarding the results of trading and the status of the transaction must be duplicated in your account. A buyer is required to pay the invoice and wait for the delivery of the car to your city or country.

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