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Exleasingcar Auto Auction


Well-known in many European countries Exleasingcar car auction is a well-established trading platform specializing in the sale of used cars. Only serviceable and proven cars from European banks and large leasing companies are sold at the presented auctions. Due to this Exleasingcar car auction can guarantee relatively low mileage and legal purity of each car.

Assortment and guarantees

On the car auction online website you can choose from thousands of options in the online mode. The customers have access to cars and trucks of various classes, as well as to motorcycles and other vehicles. It is important to note that before selling each car undergoes a thorough technical expertise under the control of independent experts, who are responsible for the quality and serviceability. The representatives of the Exleasingcar car auction online, in their turn, provide comprehensive information on each car:

  • Actual mileage;
  • History of maintenance and repairs;
  • Competent damage and accident report;
  • Data on a previous owner from the bank or leasing company.

Important! Each car is provided with a long-term factory warranty.

As for the assortment, the Exleasingcar car auction sells cars of popular European brands from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries.


Type of auctions

  • With fixed price. You are only required to make a bid, but the value of the car set by the seller is not adjusted.
  • Each customer offers a price, but acts blindfold and does not see the offers of the competitors. The winner is the one who will offer the maximum bid by the end of the auction.
  • Each auction participant can block the competitor's offers, but this requires a bid of 100 euros higher than the previous one. The winner is the participant who made the maximum bid, and all information is open to other potential buyers.

After winning in the Exleasingcar car auction you have to wait for the seller's response, to pay the amount, to execute the documents and to wait for the car. The representatives of the trading platform undertake the organization of transportation and registration of the necessary documents for the import of the car into the buyer's country.

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