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Autorola Auto Auction

bidcar-auction-13 car auction online is a well-known trading platform in Germany and other European countries, where you can profitably buy a used car at a comfortable price. It is important to note that this car auction does not have a so-called shadow price, in the presence of which the platform simply agrees with the seller, and the auction participants do not see the bids until they reach a certain threshold. The Autorola car auction operates according to the classical principle: someone who suggested the maximum bid is a winner, and therefore can expect to buy a car at the offered price.

Who acts as a seller at the Autorola car auction?

Unlike the secondhand car market, where you can only rely on offers from individuals, the sellers on this trading platform are:

  • Legal entities: auto brokers and car dealers;
  • Banks and law firms;
  • Leasing company.

The winners of the auction can buy a car with a relatively low mileage and an average age of 3-5 years. They are the cars that were owned by legal entities, so you do not need to be afraid for the criminal history or attempts to hide the traces of unsuccessful repairs. Each car offered for sale is carefully checked by the representatives of the trading platform. This allows providing a full set of documents and the results of independent technical expertise.


Procedure for bidding at the Autorola car auction

After registration on the website and filling in the data in the personal account, a customer gets access to several types of car auctions. It is necessary to make a bid at a fixed price equal to the cost offered by the seller. Closed auctions do not allow you to see the actions of competitors; in open auctions it is important to surpass the competitor's offer. If and when the seller has determined the winner of the car auction:

  • Within a few days, the notification of the transaction comes to the personal account. You can not refuse to buy a won car, at some auctions there is a security deposit for this, but in any case an account is blocked for such action, and legal measures are applied to the breaker of the rules.
  • The buyer shall pay the agreed amount and provide the supporting documents.
  • The trading platform will organize the delivery of the car to the destination within the time limits stipulated by the rules. A new owner receives the motor vehicle certificate of title and other supporting documents.
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