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Athlon Auto Auction


The largest European platform for the sale of used cars. Mobility, safety and a huge choice of cars from different countries and cities of Europe — all these are guaranteed by Athlon car auction.

You can bid from anywhere in the world, choosing serviceable, technically damaged or even broken cars from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Poland. Besides from the official auction page on the Internet you can get to the international sites of the country where you prefer to effect a purchase. Today, the representative offices of the Athlon car auction are opened in Belgium, France and Italy, Luxembourg and Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

You can place a bid and take an active part in the bidding for cars from these countries by going directly to the website of the desired country. If you need help, please call our employees.

How does the Athlon car auction operate, and what are its advantages?

The trading platform contains a variety of models and brands of cars, regardless of the year, mileage and even condition. To be aware of all new arrivals and see the full list of offers, you need to pass the registration.

The Athlon car auction online sells a lot of good and serviceable cars updating the demand every week. There are options for those who are interested in broken cars, transport for spare parts and for restoration. Among sellers there are a lot of private traders and dealership centers offering cars by wholesale.

To use the right to participate in the auction, you will need:

  • to pass the registration on the main auction website,
  • to fill out the form of the auction participant,
  • once your personal information is verified, you will receive an email about your registration,
  • after choosing the appropriate lot, you can start trading.


The bidding system of the Athlon car auction is closed with fixed final bids, in other words, the seller does not disclose the final amount of the transaction and does not change it from the end of the auction.

The undoubted advantages of cooperation with this international auction are the following. 

  • Transparency and publicity in the provision of the information on a car. The description of each car includes the information on its maintenance, presence or absence of accidents, replacement of equipment or body parts. Everything is done to ensure that the buyer knows exactly what price to offer for the lot.
  • Opportunity to participate in international auctions. You can make bids on the cars from the Netherlands and Germany, Poland and Belgium, and other European countries. With the proper conduct of the auction, this will allow to reduce the cost of a car.
  • After the auction is over, the buyer (whose bid won) receives the confirmation of the purchase within 24 hours. During this time it is necessary to pay and to specify the exact data for shipment.

You can contact our managers to clarify the detailed terms of cooperation and work with the auction.

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