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Auction 9302, lot 585970

BMW Baureihe 3 Touring 320d Advantage 2.0 140KW AT8 E6

BMW Baureihe 3 Touring 320d Advantage 2.0 140KW AT8 E6
Arval Motortrade
DE Open Auction KW21 C
Bidding step: 100.00€
Location: DE-47-Duisburg-VPower
Make: BMW
Model: Baureihe 3 touring 320d
Modification: 20d Advantage 20 140KW AT8 E6
Date of registration: 01/02/2017
Mileage: 193 015 km
Fuel type: Diesel
Engine size: 2.0
Transmission: Automated
Body: Wagon car
Country of origin: Germany
Color: Black
Engine Power (kW): 140 KW
Category: Motor car
Navigation system
Heated seats
Automatic air-conditionning
Electric boot/hatchback
Equipment Pack
Gearbox type
Leather upholstery
Front sport seats
Bluetooth connection
Led front and rear lamps
Keyless Go
Stop & Start
Led Rearlamp
Cruise control
Parking sensor front/rear
Alloy wheels
Other Equipment
ISOFIX anchor points
Radio/CD system
Central locking
Led headlamp
Engine Capacity: 1,995 cm3
Damage: 560
Feb-20188,735 kmBMW Serviceinspektion 2
Feb-20188,735 kmStandard-Service
Feb-20188,735 kmUVV Prüfung
Feb-20188,735 kmAU/HU (TÜV)
Feb-20188,735 kmÖlservice
Feb-20188,735 kmÖl
Feb-20188,735 kmÖlfilter
Feb-20188,735 kmKraftstofffilter
Feb-20188,735 kmLuftfilter
Jan-20182,428 kmStandard-Service
Jan-20182,428 kmBremsflüssigkeit
Jul-19158,005 kmStandard-Service
Jul-19158,005 kmÖlservice
Jul-19158,005 kmÖl
Jul-19158,005 kmÖlfilter
Jun-19151,975 kmStandard-Service
Jun-19151,975 kmBremsverschleissanzeige
Jun-19151,975 kmVerschiedenes Bremsen
Jun-19151,975 kmKühlflüssigkeit
Mar-19134,275 kmStandard-Service
Mar-19134,275 kmBremsverschleissanzeige
Mar-19134,275 kmVerschiedenes Bremsen
Feb-19124,525 kmBMW Serviceinspektion 2
Feb-19124,525 kmStandard-Service
Feb-19124,525 kmÖlservice
Feb-19124,525 kmÖl
Feb-19124,525 kmÖlfilter
Feb-19124,525 kmKraftstofffilter
Feb-19124,525 kmLuftfilter
Jul-1896,234 kmStandard-Service
Jul-1896,234 kmÖlservice
Jul-1896,234 kmÖl
Jul-1896,234 kmÖlfilter
Mar-1872,025 kmStandard-Service
Mar-1872,025 kmBremsverschleissanzeige
Mar-1872,025 kmVerschiedenes Bremsen
Jan-1863,555 kmBMW Serviceinspektion 2
Jan-1863,555 kmStandard-Service
Jan-1863,555 kmÖlservice
Jan-1863,555 kmÖl
Jan-1863,555 kmÖlfilter
Jan-1863,555 kmKraftstofffilter
Jan-1863,555 kmLuftfilter
Jul-1732,624 kmÖlservice
Jul-1732,624 kmJahresservice
Jul-1732,624 kmÖlfilter
Jul-1732,624 kmKlimaanlage prüfen
Jul-1732,624 kmAktivkohlefilter
Feb-171,000 km4 Kompletträder
193,015 kmMileage collected
Feb-17First Drive
Feb-20Last Mantenance 188,735 km
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