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Auction 8700, lot 561375

Mercedes-Benz Glc-klasse glc 250 D Excl. 4Matic 2.1 CDI 150KW AT9 E6

Mercedes-Benz Glc-klasse glc 250 D Excl. 4Matic 2.1 CDI 150KW AT9 E6
Arval Motortrade
DE Bestandsliste KW13
Bidding step: 10.00€
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: Glc-klasse glc 250 D
Modification: Excl. 4Matic 2.1 CDI 150KW AT9 E6
Date of registration: 01/06/2016
Mileage: 111 281 km
Fuel type: Diesel
Engine size: 2.1
Transmission: Automated
Body: Hatchback
Drive: 4WD
Country of origin: Germany
Color: Black
Engine Power (kW): 150 KW
Категория: Легковой
Side mirrors heating
Gearbox type
Navigation system
Equipment Sport Pack
Equipment Pack
Automatic air-conditionning
Heated seats
Leather upholstery
Electrically adjustable seats
Fabric upholstery
Sport suspensions
Anti Collision Radar
Hill-hold assist
Led Rearlamp
Cruise control
Led headlamp
Other Equipment
Park assistant
Reverse camera
CD Autochanger
Gearbox type Getriebe automatik - (9-stufen) OPT
Navigation system Navigationsmodul garmin map pilot OPT
Equipment Sport Pack Amg-line interieur OPT
Equipment Pack Design- und ausstattungslinie exclusive OPT
Automatic air-conditionning Klimaautomatik (thermatic 2-zonen) OPT
Heated seats Sitzheizung vorn OPT
Leather upholstery Leder Schwarz OPT
Electrically adjustable seats Sitz vorn links elektr. verstellbar OPT
Electrically adjustable seats Sitz vorn rechts elektr. verstellbar OPT
Sport suspensions Sport-fahrwerk OPT
Attention-Assist Fahrassistenz-system: attention-assist (mudigkeitserkennungs-sensor) OPT
Led Rearlamp Heckleuchten led OPT
Cruise control Tempomat OPT
Led headlamp Intelligent light system led OPT
Other Equipment Kraftstofftank: vergroßert OPT
Other Equipment Fahrassistenz-system: agility select / dynamic select (fahrmodusschalter) OPT
Park assistant Fahrassistenz-system: aktiver park-assistent OPT
Other Equipment Antriebsart: allradantrieb OPT
Reverse camera Ruckfahrkamera OPT
Park assistant Park-paket OPT
Tow-bar Anhangerkupplung (kugelkopf schwenkbar) OPT
Other Equipment Armaturentafel in ledernachbildung artico OPT
Equipment Pack Spiegel-paket OPT
Equipment Pack Chrom-paket OPT
Equipment Pack Innenausstattung: holz linde OPT
Equipment Pack Innenausstattung: zierteile aluminium OPT
Engine Capacity: 2,143 cm3
Damage: 2121
Jul-19100,450 kmAU/HU (TÜV)
May-1996,138 kmAssyst Service B
May-1996,138 kmÖl
May-1996,138 kmJahresservice
May-1996,138 kmÖlfilter
May-1996,138 kmKraftstofffilter
May-1996,138 kmLuftfilter
May-1996,138 kmHarnstoff (Adblue)
Aug-1875,061 kmBremsverschleissanzeige
Aug-1875,061 kmVerschiedenes Bremsen
Jul-1871,140 kmUVV Prüfung
Jul-1871,140 kmAssystservice
Jul-1871,140 kmÖl
Jul-1871,140 kmÖlfilter
Jul-1871,140 kmBremsflüssigkeit
Jul-1871,140 kmBremsverschleissanzeige
Jul-1871,140 kmVerschiedenes Bremsen
Jul-1871,140 kmHarnstoff (Adblue)
Nov-1747,140 kmAssyst Service B
Nov-1747,140 kmÖlservice
Nov-1747,140 kmJahresservice
Nov-1747,140 kmÖlfilter
Nov-1747,140 kmFrostschutz
Nov-1747,140 kmBremsverschleissanzeige
Nov-1747,140 kmVerschiedenes Bremsen
Nov-1747,140 kmAktivkohlefilter
Nov-1747,140 kmHarnstoff (Adblue)
Aug-1738,005 kmBremsverschleissanzeige
Aug-1738,005 kmVerschiedenes Bremsen
Feb-1722,356 kmMercedes Pack 1
Feb-1722,356 kmÖlfilter
Feb-1722,356 kmFrostschutz
Feb-1722,356 kmAktivkohlefilter
Feb-1722,356 kmHarnstoff (Adblue)
111,281 kmMileage collected
Jun-16First Drive
Jul-19Last Mantenance 100,450 km
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