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Auction 6634, lot 1447156

BMW 5 Reeks Touring 520d Aut. (140 kW) Business Edition 5d

BMW 5 Reeks Touring 520d Aut. (140 kW) Business Edition 5d
Make: BMW
Model: Serie 5 Touring (G31)
Modification: 20d Aut (140 kW) Business Edition d
Date of registration: 01/08/2018
Mileage: 208 630 km
Fuel type: Diesel
Engine size: 2.0
Transmission: Automated
Body: Wagon car
Country of origin: Belgium
Engine Power (kW): 140 KW
Category: Motor car
Virtual Dashboard Affichage des instruments, multifonctionnel OPT
Navigation system Navigation system professional OPT
Leather upholstery Sellerie : cuir dakota OPT
Heated seats Siege chauffant av OPT
Alloy wheels Jantes alliage leger OPT
Panoramic roof Toit panoramique (transparent) OPT
Gearbox type Boite de vitesses automatique - (8 positions) OPT
Engine Capacity: 1,995 cm3
Detailed damage reports are available:
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Damage: 2130.78 EUR
Jul-22191,539 kmserv motorolie
Jul-22191,539 kmserv microfilter
Jul-22191,539 kmde sleutelbatterij
Jun-22188,887 kmcontrole niveaus
Jun-22188,236 kmcontrole niveaus
Jan-22164,578 kmvoertuigcheck
Jan-22164,578 kmserv motorolie
Jan-22164,578 kmserv microfilter
Jan-22164,578 kmserv luchtfilter
Jan-22164,578 kmserv brst. filt
Jan-22164,578 kmdiagnose
Jan-22164,578 kmruitenwisserblad voor
Jan-22164,578 kmruitenwisserblad achter
Jan-22164,578 kmde sleutelbatterij
Aug-21135,180 kmde koelvloeistof-antivries
Aug-21135,180 kmde sleutelbatterij
May-21134,569 kmserv motorolie
May-21134,569 kmserv microfilter
May-21134,569 kmde sleutelbatterij
Jan-21120,863 kmcontrole niveaus
Jan-21120,863 kmde remvloeistof
Sep-20109,705 kmvoertuigcheck
Sep-20109,705 kmserv motorolie
Sep-20109,705 kmserv microfilter
Sep-20109,705 kmserv luchtfilter
Sep-20109,705 kmserv brst. filt
Jul-2097,075 kmcontrole niveaus
Feb-2082,775 kmserv motorolie
Feb-2082,775 kmserv microfilter
Feb-2082,775 kmruitenwisserblad voor
Feb-2082,775 kmruitenwisserblad achter
Feb-2082,775 kmde sleutelbatterij
Jan-2072,362 kmcontrole niveaus
Nov-1961,817 kmcontrole niveaus
Sep-1956,362 kmvoertuigcheck
Sep-1956,362 kmserv motorolie
Sep-1956,362 kmserv microfilter
Sep-1956,362 kmserv luchtfilter
Sep-1956,362 kmserv brst. filt
Sep-1956,362 kmde sleutelbatterij
Jun-1945,528 kmcontrole niveaus
Feb-1929,389 kmserv motorolie
Feb-1929,389 kmserv microfilter
Feb-1929,389 kmde sleutelbatterij
Jan-1923,261 kmcontrole niveaus
208,630 kmMileage collected
Aug-18First Drive
Jul-22Last Mantenance 191,539 km
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